Brad Warner Documentary


I had so much fun this weekend, playing “Debra” in Hardcore Zen author Brad Warner’s documentary spoof. Brad is filming his second indie feature with director Pirooz Kalayeh (their first, called SHOPLIFTING and based off the book “Shoplifting from American Apparel” by Tao Lin will be making its rounds at film festivals soon).

My character, Debra is a Zen Groupie, who is seduced by Warner – known in the Zen community as an iconoclastic teacher (Brad really is a Zen monk, who leads Zazen in SaMo, and travels throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia teaching and doing book tours). We go from googly eyes at Zazen, to some serious flirtation, to the real deal back at my place. Not to say the Voice of Reason doesn’t make an appearance – making it more of a threesome!

I’ll post a reel when I get it! Until then, enjoy the stills. We posed quite provocatively, don’t you think? (We annihilated each other, hence the hair and smudged lipstick!) Not gonna lie, it’s always been a fantasy of mine to be filmed doing the naughty…


*Update: If you don’t follow Brad’s blog, consider doing so, STAT! Here is his take on the shoot and SuicideGirls radio show, where he was our guest, along with Dominatrix Snow Mercy and submissive Koko.

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