Miss Representation Screening Hits Downtown Los Angeles!

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Had the privilege and honor of attending a screening at the The Downtown Independent Theater of Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Miss Representation.

If you haven’t seen Miss Representation yet, please do yourself a favor and find a screening somewhere! Thanks to Chelsey Dailey for putting this on (as well as showing her short film “A Smile Wrinkle”).

Miss Representation Director Jennifer Siebel Newson and I

Siebel Newsom is truly inspiring and this is a must-see film for girls AND boys! It will change your perception around media and advertising, enlighten you about what we are actually teaching our boys about violence, sexuality and disconnection, it will strengthen your will to make a difference, it will also shine light on what you can do to bring about change for future generations! Miss Rep is at times frustrating, scary, and reflective of a truly vitriolic news system that ritualistically tears women in power down, puts female leaders “in their place” and trumpets misogyny like you’ve never seen (unless you listen to Rush Limbaugh, then you know it up and down, and his well-versed antics you may be numb to — I’m not). How video games and advertising can shape our minds and actions — I know, from being in media myself — though, I like to think I contribute something good not harmful — nobody wants to blame movies for violence. But, hear me out. I do think there’s a such thing as social responsibility and failing to recognize that images and depictions of women as “things” and men as “heroes” that fuck them makes a huge difference in how people act. Culture and socialization are learned and passed down. Culture can be unlearned and socialization can evolve. To be more reflective of truth, not goals like domination and capital gain.

We need to allow men to feel. To allow their hearts and heads to connect and for them to be able to cry, feel a range of emotions and share them with us, and for this notion of “conquering the world” with machines and aggression to stop. It’s time for that 51% of the world (ya know, the ladies — 100% of us come from them) to add their gift of a different way of thinking to more positions of power. This gentler, empathetic, holistic, family-forward, unique and emotional female sex needs to be let in a little more. To lead more. To speak more and to be heard more. Because parity is essential for an evolved world. And it’s OK to say, “it’s time to change things for the better.” Men have done an incredible job thus far, with the help of many many amazing women. And, I’d love to see – in my lifetime, more women rulers, more Cleopatra’s and leaders of men to step forward and be accepted by men.

Two men tonight spoke bravely about how they are “frightened of women”. One in the film, and one in the audience at the Q&A afterward. I was particularly moved by Paul Haggis, the screenwriter of “Crash” who was interviewed in the film. He talked about both the socialization of boys as well as the fact that because boys and men are scared of women and don’t understand them, they demean and criticize them. As screenwriters, he said, men write women as these 2-dimensional ‘things,’ (fuck toys, superheroines with no backstory, the bitch, the seductress, the hottie) rather than complex whole human beings. He stated that a conversation needs to open up where men engage the other half of the world, and make that a priority, so that they can gain unity with women and stop hurting us in both media and life. (YES!)

Haggis also said that in the 1920s there were more complex roles for women in motion pictures. I didn’t realize that!

Seeing this film made me want to continue mentoring youth, in whatever way god sees fit! smile
Above is a pic of me and Siebel Newson, the director, who was generous enough to put her gorgeous husband, Gavin Newsom, the former Mayor of SF and current Lieutenant Governor of California, in the film as eye candy. Oh, he had awesome stuff to say too, like how he appointed two women as the chief of the fire and police departments when he entered as mayor. But, I’m a hot-blooded girl… the guy’s a certified babe. Am I wrong?

Gavin = Hot

Conscious sexualization of Gavin Newsom complete. Hopefully, I didn’t negate above sentiments. However, no intention to demean or cause physical harm. Just to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a good man, with an open heart, forward thinking mind, and straight teeth. His insides make his outsides even better. Night! Go see the movie. Night! xox

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