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Backstage With Jake Gyllenhaal and the rest of my crazy summer!

It’s been ages since I blogged, but I assure you that I have a good excuse! This summer has been magical — and crazy! We travelled like mad! Overcoming a fear of traveling to a foreign country, I just returned from Tokyo, where I saw Tim Burton‘s NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS LIVE and enjoyed temple crawls and authentic sushi meals! The plane ride was totally bearable, especially since my honey and I got bumped from business to first class for free on the way home!

We also spent the Fourth of July in NYC and Rhode Island at an AMAZING hotel called Ocean House. It’s two doors down from Taylor Swift’s insane mansion (yes, Tay, that was me with the binoculars). We enjoyed a top-notch, classy discovery called Cracker Barrel (and had to dine there — can it even be called “dining”?? three times in one week). We had a brilliant photo shoot in San Antonio at America’s oldest kiddie park and kicking it all off was a fabulous trip to Maui and Kauai! (My babysitter spied John Mayer in the fitness room of our hotel.)

The fangirl in me just about died hanging out with Will Chase… of “Nashville” fame to Angelenos, and broadway fame to New Yorkers. His girlfriend, Ingrid Michaelson was even more adorkable in person.

At the after party for the MINIONS premiere, I met fucking Jon Hamm.

Most of all, I am feeling grateful for the whirlwind of summer, the love of my family, and the soulful experience of being a mother. What are you feeling grateful for? Have you had a good summer?

Much love!!

Darrah xoxox

Steven Boyer, star of Broadway's Tony-winning musical HAND TO GOD

Steven Boyer, star of Broadway’s Tony-winning musical HAND TO GOD




Adorable Cosplayer personifying Jack Skellington

Adorable Cosplayer personifying Jack Skellington in Tokyo, Japan


With Danny Elfman and Sandy Cameron

With Danny Elfman and Sandy Cameron


We look like sisters! <img class=

Vanessa Bayer from SNL” width=”450″ height=”600″ /> We look like sisters! smile Vanessa Bayer from SNL



Jon Hamm (and rye) MINIONS PREMIERE

Jon Hamm (and rye) MINIONS PREMIERE



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Short Hair, Don’t Care

So many changes! Spring is here ~ and as we continue decorating and putting our stamp on the new house, my lil family and I are making strides to keep our lives enthusiastic, gracious and loving. Last night, my partner and I had a very enriching conversation about what changes need to be made. I specifically had major concerns. When you commit to being in a relationship – especially a long-term one, and one that involves a child, the possibility of getting complacent, falling into certain patterns (read: ruts!) and going through the motions on auto-pilot are very possible. All of which I really don’t like. I have a tendency to put up with a certain amount of B.S. for longer than most people, and suddenly realize – after some warnings to my partner, mind you – that I can no longer take it! So, basically that’s where I was at yesterday. We had a major talk, and I think he had some major epiphanies.

He went to the doctor yesterday because I noticed that his hearing has been declining, especially since he got over a cold some months ago. The doctor noticed water behind his ear drum. The doctor also mentioned that usually people have hearing problems and don’t even know it. Until they get into a relationship, that is. The other person brings it to their attention.

I suppose that’s what all of our faults, patterns, flaws, lies, immaturities and so on are. Invisible or tolerable to us, until we get into a partnership and have this giant (hopefully gentle) mirror placed in our path.

I am grateful he received my concerns and today I feel hopeful, sexy and a bit lighter now. It’s a process though, and while he is enthusiastic today, I told him that I need him to stay current with me and I will try to be as honest as I can, because when the newness of a person, or a project, or a goal fades, we still need to recognize it as a process that deserves our time and energy to be maintained and to thrive.

OK, so why the blog title, “Short Hair, Don’t Care”? You’ll see… ;) Below is my new do.

Ladies, looking for a new style and feeling indecisive? Try

Happy Spring, my friends! XOXO


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Darrah Goes ‘Hardcore Zen’

Screen Shot 2012-06-19 at 7.01.24 PM

Hey guys, I had so much fun filming a few scenes for bestselling zen author Brad Warner’s part-real, part-fiction documentary HARDCORE ZEN. Below is a sneak peek of my role as Debra. If you’re one of the lucky 100 who get the DVD with extras, you’ll get to see me in a super raunchy and funny sex scene.

[Zen and Fame: A sneak peek of Darrah’s role as a zen groupie in Brad Warner Documentary – VIDEO]

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Freaks & Geeks: Darrah Interviewed on Dark Mark Radio Show!


As part of a very informal press “tour” for the spoof zombie movie, ZOMBIE BOUNTY HUNTER, M.D., I appeared on Goth Comedian Dark Mark’s radio show/podcast at Skidrow Studios about a week ago. Smart and funny Dark Mark and his devilish co-host Josi Kat (Singer for punk band PISS ANT, founder of THE FEARLEADERS, the cheerleading squad to the LA Derby Dolls Roller Derby Team) interviewed me and my blonde, bespectacled co-star Hannah Elizabeth Pierce with director Pirooz Kalayeh. We dished about naughty behind-the-scenes tidbits, dating older men, and later, sideshow performer Whodini sixteenninetytwo showed off his dangerous side.

Watch the full video of our interview below! Listen to the podcast, here.


A little about Goth Comedian Dark Mark: He has hosted at The CONVERGENCE 18 GOTH FESTIVAL, The SAN LUIS OBISBO GOTH FESTIVAL, The DEAD FLESH FEAST HORROR FESTIVAL, The SUNSET STRIP MUSIC FESTIVAL (also featuring Marilyn Manson, Offspring, Bad Religion and De La Soul) as well as Kinky shows at S & M Dungeons and has been featured on Andy Dick Live! Mark has been a 9-time LA Times Comedy pick of the week as well as being a Las Vegas Citylife pick of the week. Mark White has performed with the biggest names in comedy including performers such as Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld, Margaret Cho, Dane Cook, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Damon Wayans, Otto and George, Eddie Griffin, Jeff Ross, Maria Bambford, and George Lopez among others.

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Bun in the Oven!

Found this from when I was preggers in July! Guess I never hit send! (And, yes, I did find the shirt… ;)

I’m so thrilled to be pregnant and everyday is so special. Today, I was doing great, getting things unpacked and enjoying my new abode, when all of the sudden I got really tired! I laid down and two and a half hours later, I woke up to the front door opening and my honey getting home from work. The weather, hormones, activity, and how difficult it is to find a comfy position during the night all contribute to the necessity of mid-day naps!! ;)

I’m so grateful to have the most amazing man to call my own and the father of my baby. He’s super supportive, understanding, masculine and creative and is always finding ways to make me feel alive, centered and adored.

The pregnancy has definitely brought my family closer. My mom is stoked and we talk more often.

I’m eating very healthily, with a few cravings, such as: citrus fruits, pickle juice, vegetarian cuisine (I had to give up my beloved sushi!), and a major change was adding some dairy to my diet, which was previously a no-no, as I’m lactose-intolerant. Your body needs what it needs, and I’ve preferred vanilla yogurt and a few other dairy items (ice cream!) during this radical and fabulous time. And, I can’t get enough sour candy – Sour Patch Kids and gummy worms are my favorite. ;)

My honey and I had an amazing holiday in Hawaii, visiting Maui and indulging in oceanside massages, shopping in Wailea, watching fireworks on the 4th in Lahaina, even watching little kids hanging onto sheep for dear life to win at a rodeo in this uniquely cowboy town called Makawao.

I really didn’t want to leave! In fact, I was so tired and sad that I picked a fight with my man on the flight home. Luckily, we were made up by the time we hit the ground! I really love Hawaii. <3

I’m finishing up our registry at Baby’s R Us with all of the necessities, and then I will be starting a new one at another one-stop-shop. Probably Juvenile World, or Bellini.

My life has taken such a beautiful turn and I can’t express how grateful I am for the change, the blessings and the new friends I’ve made. I love how, upon acceptance of your life as a truly inexplicable journey, you can enjoy the mellow turns and righteous curves. Some, you secretly hoped for, and others you could never even have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Sending love!


P.S.: I *really* want that t-shirt above! The model even has red hair! Oh! I got some blonde highlights in my hair yesterday. I’ve never had any color added to my naturally scarlet locks, but I’m really indulging in the levity of newness and so… I went for it. It’s fun for summer. I’ll post a pic next week.


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This is what’s up…

Strawberry Me!

There I am, with my new do! I finally got the chutzpah to lighten up my naturally scarlet locks, and also go wavy. It’s so fun! I’ve been so reticent to change my hairstyle and color because 1) natural redheads are so scant – only 1-2% of the population have it 2) Everybody has told me my whole life that I “shouldn’t touch” my hair. It’s been a liberating experience to buck that advice. While I adore who I am and accept myself as fully as I can; body, mind, spirit, rebellion, traditionalism, fear, friendliness and persistent aching for repose, I am eager to embrace change often.

Speaking of change, I am now a mom. Crazy! I like being a mom so much! I feel my daughter is by far my biggest achievement. And, she’s only little still. I can’t believe I made her in my body!! I am breastfeeding and pumping (six times a day), so my time is very regimented and I have to be diligent about the routine. It’s a strange endeavor. It’s so important for me to give her this nourishment, but I won’t lie, it has me a little disconnected from my breasts. Well, how can I explain it? They just have this higher and different function than they did before. And, they’re being pulled at by a machine! That’s odd. However, I am very strong minded and I endure the minor inconvenience of it, because breast milk is best for baby. And, I am willing to sacrifice for her. smile

Earth Mama smile

So many changes are abound. It’s crazy. But, I have a ridiculously supportive man in my life, who listens and helps me to communicate better. He is very successful at life. At maintaining friendships, at loving, at being present, at being distracted by work… hehe, and he’s great at accepting me fully for who I am. We are very honest with each other, and that honesty has afforded us a closeness unrivaled. If you keep secrets from your lovers, you have barricades – walls – that they can’t climb. And, I had walls for so long. It’s nice to be able to receive love from a fine man, and know that I don’t have to lie to him for it. Because that’s not real true love anyway. And, I’m tired of pretending.

I’m trying to get the motivation lately to be more of a participant in my own life. I know that sounds weird. Especially because I’m a mom now and really, there’s nothing that requires one being in the moment more than parenthood. But, I’ve been feeling like I’m listless in my dreams of really being a writer. I’m fatigued at pushing forward and trying to sell my script. I’m sitting in the passenger seat and have lost a certain amount of energy. I would like to remedy this. I’d like to get in the driver’s seat and go! In the meantime, I’m still recovering from birth! This gnawing, this restless energy is a double-edged stiletto. I’ve always had the feeling I wasn’t doing enough. Maybe it’s what keeps me going, but it is always there, sometimes just more loud and biting.

Ideas for resolution (and revolution): waking up early, exercising, meditation, journaling more, healing thoughts, healthy juices, making new friends, going to therapy, getting a trainer, talking to trusted friends, listening better, being in nature, taking a class in an interesting subject, reconnecting with people who know me well, traveling to a state I’ve never been to, using my senses more, drawing, spending time with my daughter, and following my instincts.

Sigh. This will be a good year, I hope. I’ll let you know how things progress.

P.S.: I watched Wolf of Wall Street tonight. I turned it off early. I couldn’t bear it any longer. What a vulgar, useless movie. Shite! However, Dallas Buyer’s Club was fantastic. That and American Hustle rocked the sox off of 2013 popular cinema for me.

P.P.S.: Spent the holidays in a gorgeous big ole cabin in the mountains of Palm Springs. A li’l town called Idyllwild. If you wanna enjoy a really fantastic getaway with *no* chain stores (although, be warned, the businesses have wild hours conducive to their mood) and a friendly, relaxed vibe alongside nature galore, go to Idyllwild. smile

Sending love!

Darrah xo

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Misfits Change the World!


This is for the artists, the activists, the warriors, the fighters of the good fight. This is for everybody who was unafraid to post about Steubenville. This is for Anonymous, this is for women everywhere. This is for men who love us. This is for the animals, and the babies and the butterflies. this is 4 u. From my <3. 

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NYC – If I can make it here, I can…


My journey in New York with my guy was so fun! We saw four plays. Lucky Guy with Tom Hanks and Maura Tierney was my favorite! Then comes, Cinderella, Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Scarlett Johansson (seriously, just seeing her in a mauve slip from behind was gratifying enough, but add that raspy voice and it’s frosting on frosting). I wish I would have been around in the 80s to see Kathleen Turner do it on Broadway, but I’ll settle for Ms. Scarlett. ;)

The week was fab, with jaunts along Times Square, midtown, brunch in Hell’s Kitchen, and the sudden, charming snowfall to welcome us! One day would be clear and the next, we’d have subtle rains. Every restaurant was better than the next, with La Bonne Soupe in midtown being my favorite for tomato and celery soup. (I’m veggie, sue me!) New friends were made, shopping was done – Ann Taylor Loft was a score, along with Saks where my honey got me a new winter coat! – and all in all I just simply can’t wait to return! Below are some silly photos of me being silly! ;) xox


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