Something’s Got a Hold on Me

Location: Stronghold, Venice, CA and streets of Venice

Photographer: Christopher Medak

Purpose: Art + Collaboration







Secret Sins of Saints

Location: Harvelles, Santa Monica, CA

Photographer: Toledo Diamond

Purpose: New line of fetish-style, film-noir inspired dance apparel







Swingers Alley

Photographer: Christopher Medak

Purpose: Exhibitionism

Song: She’s Not There by Neko Case and Nick Cave









and then she was gone…

Photographer: Peter Bolte

Purpose: Fun





Risqué Business 

Location: Santa Clarita hills

Photographer: Eric Holloway

Add’l Models: Marissa + January Welsh

Creative Director: Darrah de jour

Purpose: A photo shoot depicting the wild imagination of a suicidal 17-year old girl staging her own death, the twins act as her angels.