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Recommendations of Darrah de jour’s Work:

“It is always a pleasure to work with Darrah. She is a true professional.”
Brian S. Gross, Owner, BSG Public Relations

“Darrah is a pleasure to work with, very reliable, fast turn-around and an excellent writer. I am looking forward to years of working together. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value.” Anne Howard hired Darrah as a Writer/Editor in 2009, and hired Darrah more than once.
Anne Howard, Editor-in-Chief, / Editor, Canada Hollywood Today

“Darrah is a unique personality that will bring charisma and enthusiasm to any team she joins. She is persistent, but always knows how to balance this with a great upbeat attitude. It’s always a pleasure to work with Darrah!”
Cezar Greif, Executive Editor, Cool Hunt Inc.

“Darrah is a pleasure to work with and her excitement about her projects is both contagious and sincere. She brings an optimistic, cheerful personality to the table, and I highly recommend her as an addition to any team.”
Maria Carbone, Business Developer, Merge Press

Reviews of Darrah’s Fiction and Editorial Writing:

There is nothing quite like poetic fiction. Especially when it’s done to a thoroughly engaging, existential turn. With penetrating wit to boot. Damned good writing here.
Wry wit, salty and straight to the bone. If you can’t suss what this is putting down — a common sense course of action in terms of navigating romance, well, maybe it’s time to sign up at a dating service and let them do the thinking for you. Darrah de jour, you are dynamite.
Dwight Hobbes, Writer, Washington Post

Such a talent! I love reading your column, stylish and witty, and very inspiring and entertaining. I always come away with a new perspective after reading your work! Beautiful!!
Christa Burton, Designer, Christa Burton Design, LLC

Always enjoy reading your stuff lovely lady. Looking forward to the next installment. In the meantime, can I just tell you how much I can relate…
Krista “Kentucky Fried Woman” Smith, Performance Artist

Very cutting edge, state of the art writing. Can’t wait for more!
Rob Hill, Engineer, Lockhead Space Systems


I hope to add to this list, in the meantime, these are organizations that I support in an effort to spread happiness, peace, health and philanthropy throughout the world!

Scarleteen: A fantastic sex & dating resource site for teens and 20-somethings
Women in Film:
Eve Ensler’s VDay:
Marie Claire’s Investigative Reporting on Sharia Law & what you can do:
Karma Rescue, dog rescue:
Step Up Women’s Network (Mentorship):
The Theatre Offensive:
Reading for the blind & dyslexic:
Book Pals, Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools:
RAINN Hotline:
Homeless Teen shelter:
Project Angel Food:
The Trevor Project:
The LA Gay and Lesbian Center:
Global Green:
TOMS Shoes:
Vegan Resources:
Pure Delish:
Reading, Writing and Rhythm:
GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network:
Adult Children of Alcoholics:
Quit Alcohol & The Dangers of Drinking & Driving:
(Thanks, Emma and Krista!)